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  • 1 - What documents/equipment do I need? +

    A full list of the documents and equipment you require for your specific trip will be sent with your information pack, however one very important matter is your passport. It is important to have a minimum of 3 months remaining on your passport at the time your chosen tour ends. This is due to the passport requirements of some of the countries we visit.

  • 2 - What if I have never ridden in Europe before? +

    Then you are going to have a brilliant time! We will make your trip as stress free as possible. If you are a little daunted you can stick close to our guide but most of the roads in Europe are maintained far better than those in the UK. The rural traffic is usually far lighter although city traffic can sometimes keep you on your toes. Generally, motorcyclists are pretty well respected by other motorists in Europe and you may even find cars pulling to the side to allow you to pass. You will also find you get lots of waves and smiles from people along the way. Road signs throughout the EU are almost standardised so there shouldn’t be any surprises.
  • 3 - Do you hire bikes? +

    No, we don’t hire motorcycles but can recommend some people that do. Please click on our ‘links’ for details. Mention our name when you book.
  • 4 - What size and style motorcycle do I need? +

    You must be comfortable on a variety of roads from motorways to twisting Alpine roads. It would be irresponsible of us to allow any size of machine so we ask that your motorcycle is at least a 600cc.
  • 5 - My Exhaust, helmet visor, number plate aren’t strictly legal… Will this be a problem? +

    Officially, yes. In the UK it is pretty easy to deal with. If you are unlucky, you get stopped and a fixed penalty ticket is thrust into your pocket with 28 days to pay the small fine. In Europe fines can be a little more difficult to swallow. Some non-standard bike parts can attract a big fine, sometimes ‘on the spot’. In the interests of your own safety, please ensure you and your bike are road legal.
  • 6 - I’m a novice rider, will I be able to come? +

    This is the real world and everyone has very different riding abilities and you may feel you need your time to work on your riding skills before taking part in a tour. Our tours are always conducted at a leisurely pace but we do need riders to be competent.If you are riding with your pillion for the first time, please make sure you get some practice in before the tour. A pillion can increase the workload on a rider quite considerably.
  • 7 - I am a Learner rider, will I be able to come? +

    Unfortunately Learner riders are not permitted to come on the tour. This simply wouldn't be fair on the others in the group, plus as a Learner, you would not be permitted to ride outside of the UK. Good luck with your test and let us know when you've passed.
  • 8 - Is there an age limit? +

    Due to the small print in our public liability insurance we are not permitted to allow riders/pillions under the age of 18 years, sorry.
  • 9 - Is my money safe? +

    Yes, we comply with EEC regulation (90/314/EEC) which ensures your money is protected.
  • 10 - What insurance and breakdown do I need? +

    You will need to bring a valid insurance certificate with you on your tour as you may be asked to show it to local police. This has to include ‘green card’ cover in Europe. You should also purchase breakdown cover valid for Europe which includes repatriation of you and you bike. We can recommend some good breakdown cover providers on our ‘Links’ page. Mention our name when booking. You will also need travel insurance for yourself should you become ill or break a camera.
  • 11 - Am I free to do as I please during the evenings? +

    Of course, though experience shows us that the group tends to remain together during the evenings to enjoy a few drinks and laughs. It is often the best time to have a laugh about the days events.
  • 12 - I am a vegetarian or have certain dietary needs +

    Please let us know when booking so we can forward this information on to the hotels we use.
  • 13 - Are Moto Ventura Insured? +

    We have public liability insurance as required. A copy of this will be included in your pack for peace of mind.
  • 14 - What if it rains on the trip? +

    If it rains, we all get wet. Try to bring clothing for all weathers.
  • 15 - What clothes should I take? +

    We offer advice on this and other packing hints and tips in your information pack.
  • 16 - Do you use a support vehicle? +

    No. We carry everything we need. Make’s it more fun!
  • 17 - I’m not a British National & hold a foreign driving license; can I still come on a tour? +

    It will be your own responsibility to ensure the countries we visit allow you entry and recognise your driving license, insurances and documents.
  • 18 - Do I have to stay with the group at all times? +

    No, not at all although we would certainly encourage you to stay with the group and we find that people usually prefer to, but if you want to go on ahead and meet later that’s fine. Just be sure to let us know at the start of the day so we don’t worry.
  • 19 - How do we all stay together? +

    We use a proven convoy method to keep everyone on the correct route. It’s a bit of fun and is explained thoroughly on your welcome pack.
  • 20 - What if I cancel? +

    Depending on how close to departure will depend on how much of the tour price is returned to you. We have a graduated time scale with regards to refunds but would suggest you take out Travel Insurance which will cover you in the event of you having to cancel your trip close to departure.
  • 21 - How large are the groups and how many guides are there? +

    Our groups are rarely more than 12 motorcycles, plus 2 guides.
  • 22 - How much spending money will I need? +

    Everyone is different, we would recommend you have enough to cover lunch evening meals and drinks etc and you may want to buy some souvenirs of your trip. It’s always handy to have a reserve too. Cash-points are plentiful and carrying large amounts of cash can cause undue worry. More information is provided in your welcome pack about the specific tolls of you chosen tour.
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Further Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we are asked relating to our Tours. However, if you are unable to find the answer to your question then please contact us by email or by using the form on the contact page. If you want to speak directly to us, please feel free to phone.

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