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Who Gives a 'Puc' These Days Anyway?

Who Gives a 'Puc' These Days Anyway?
I recently required our new tourer and was flipping through the extras catalogue, as you do, when I spotted something which always divides opinion. The side stand enlarger plate!

The logic is that the plate increases the footprint on the contact area and reduces the likelihood of the stand sinking on softer ground like grass making it an ideal ‘adventure’ bolt on... but wait! Hold your horses a moment...
If you have the genetic make-up of a hobbit like myself you’re probably not blessed in the inside leg measurement and this makes hopping on and off your favourite adventure bike a bit more challenging with some being quite high at the saddle. Adding a plate to the side stand adds thickness to the foot and actually results in your bike standing more upright when on its stand, only a tad but still enough to make a difference.

Okay, by itself that isn’t bad news but if you’re looking to park up on some ‘rough ground’ this can cause an issue getting the bike stable enough to then dismount. This is exactly the problem one of our riders found in the Alps once. Because the bike wouldn’t lean as much on the already 'sketchy’ parking area it became even harder to settle the bike and he struggled to dismount. (In response to the obvious ‘park elsewhere then’ comments, we were very limited to places to put the bike and it was already quite a slope)

While these plates look great and all 'Bear Grrrrrrrrylls’ bolted to the bottom of your stand why not simply invest in £3 puc which you can throw on the floor and drop your stand on to. Simples! it's about £25-£30 cheaper, quick to fit i.e. instant and if you have a nice smooth bit of tarmac to park on, which let's face it, is most of the time then you don't have to waste time using it.

Isn't it time to get the 'Puc' out?
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Monday, 03 August 2020

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