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Motorcycling, a cure for depression?

Motorcycling, a cure for depression?

With all the pressures of modern day living is it any wonder that Mental Wellness is more topical now than ever before

Ask Mental Health professionals about techniques to help alleviate depression and they will state exercise is vital.

I believe exercising the spirit of freedom is as important and motorcycling is one of my remedies for the times when you just need a ‘pick me up’

Motorcycling somewhere exotic and warm is a bonus but the simple act of riding a bike is priceless but caution, it does come at a price.

Possible Cons and their cures.

1 - Sat in the bay window as the rain beats down, looking at the garage door containing your favourite toy.
Cure - A motorcycle DVD. Anything by Nick Sanders, Austin Vince or a ‘Long Way Round’ marathon is good for the soul

2 - Michael Fish drops another clanger and the weather changes while you’re out.
Cure - Be prepared. A good one piece rain suit under a cargo net strapped to the pillion seat and a squirt of de-mister for the visor

3 - Breakdown
Cure - Spend your down-time investing effort and elbow grease into your bike to reduce the chance of breakdown. Learn basic bike maintenance and join a recovery service or have a mate with a truck/bike trailer on speed dial.

4 - All this motorcycling costs money
Cure - eBay, Shpock it, Gumtree. Hunt for bargains. Keywoods such as ‘worn once’, ‘given up biking’, ‘didn’t fit’ or ‘unwanted present’ can all bring a smile to your face and save you a small fortune.

5 - No bike
Cure - Go to a motorcycle dealer with a good cafe, smell some bikes and coffee and even take your licence and helmet for a cheeky ‘test ride’. Who knows, you may be offered a deal you cant resist. Talk to the dealer - they may surprise you!

Likely Pro’s or “smiling side effects”

1 - Improve your skills
2 - Make new mates
3 - Rekindle old friendships
4 - See
5 - Travel
6 - Experience but most importantly;

Just get on your bike! It’s Spring again, well done! You’ve made it!

Photo: 'Moto Ventura Tours in the Pyrenees'

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