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Guardian Bell - Superstition Scientifically Proven?

Guardian Bell

At Moto Ventura Tours we are supporters of having the right ‘kit’ for you, your pillion and your bike. There is no better way of keeping yourself ahead of the game and protected from the elements and from spills. Sadly, fashion for bikers isn’t always straight off the catwalk of Milan so the newest kits cant always protect you from the odd snigger from non-bikers as you walk in to a cafe for a break dressed like a Power Ranger. Oh the joys of being a ‘free thinking’ motorcyclist!

All the kit on the world however doesn’t stop some riders from taking part in their own little rituals and superstitions to keep them safe on the road.

This bring me on to the Guardian Bell. One of the most important pieces of kit on my own machine.

I’m not a routine subscriber to superstitions, often saying, “It’s unlucky to be superstitious” but my Guardian Bell is, as far as I’m concerned, scientifically proven to reduce risk and I’ll tell you why.

My Bell was a present from my two children via their Mum, and says on it ‘Worlds Greatest Biker Dad’. It is fixed to the handlebars hanging from one of the control cables much to amusement of the BMW techs at my local motorrad Garage, Ocean in Plymouth who write on their report. ‘Tinkling noise coming from bike’ each time it comes back from a service.

When I ride I focus on my riding, the road, the hazards, prioritising and dealing with then accordingly and as a red blooded biker I still like to open it up and have some fun and this is where risk increases. Risk increases and speeds increases, opportunities to ‘fly’ and make progress need to be calculated and thought through often in a very short space of time, often instantaneous and this is where the line between risk and reward start to merge, sometimes becoming blurry. How often are you out on the far side of the road for view and thinking, “can I just have the next one?” as you look at a car in the distance or even, “I’m late for work, I just need to get past this tractor and trailer/LGV/Caravan/Car”. The rewards for completing both are often small but the risk is often large.

My Bell gives a little chime as I rumble along the road and that tinkle is enough to remind me that sometimes the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

Be late for work, it’s really not worth injury for.

So you don’t get to scrape past the slower moving car, so what. Make it a ‘Rolls Royce’ overtake next time, an over-take to be proud of.

My little Guardian Bell actually does work - It keep reminding me of the little ones at home for whom I am their Guardian Angel.
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