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Stuck for Christmas?

Christmas presents for bikers
What do you buy a biker (or pillion) for Christmas? While you are struggling to find your partner, mate, loved one, Mum, Dad etc a suitable 'biker' Christmas Present we thought we would brain storm you with a list of potential ideas... If you are stuck then scan below for inspiration. All prices ranges cover from a £2.50 puk to a Track Day or a full tour with ‘Moto Ventura’, What ever your budget, be it a stocking filler or main present I hope something below may trigger a thought or idea.

20 Quickfire ideas:
1 - BikeSafe
What better piece of mind is there than getting a police motorcyclist to give your loved ones riding a once over. BikeSafes are relaxed and very informative. It’s also a nice day out on the bike and a chance to meet other riders. Search ‘BikeSafe’ to find your local police bikeSafe sessions. Safety is a priceless gift!
2 - TrackDay
In much the same respect as a BIkeSafe, riding skills on a track come with huge benefits. A bit like learning a Kung Fu so you don’t actually get hurt in a fight, track days teach discipline, improve confidence and also get the urge to ride fast dealt with in the appropriate place, on the track.
3 - Post Test Training
Unlike BikeSafe, which is a one day input with the police, Post-Test Training can often be bespoke and delivered to the rider over a period of time to suit them and cover topics in greater depth than BikeSafe. At the end of the Training some riders feel confident enough to go an Advanced group such as IAM or ROSPA. You’re never too old to learn new tricks!
4 - Thermals/Neck Tubes
Anything that helps keep you snug during the winter months (and beyond) is very welcome! bikers can never have enough warm weather gear! Thermal leggings and long sleeve tops can be a God-send!
5 - Helmet Care Kit
A good scrub of the helmet can do wonders. A simply clean of the visor can improve vision and confidence, a new visor, well… How many brownie points will that achieve? Answer - lots!
6 - Puk
A great little stocking filler, a puk (plastic disc with sits beneath the side stand) is an essential must have for every motorcyclist and they are very inexpensive.
7 - Heated Souls for you boots
These are in the same field as thermal and neck tubes but a good idea if your loved one already has the others and is still complaining of the cold. Warm feet and so nice!
8 - Anything else heated!
Let’s keep the heated theme, heated grips, heated waistcoats… Oh I am feeling warm already!
9 - Armoured Jeans
We LOVE armoured jeans, but choose wisely! Personal preference is buy a good pair and buy that I mean look at your ‘bikers’ everyday jeans and try to replicate them. I have number of unworn kevlar jeans in the wardrobe because they are dyed/coloured blue instead of looking like natural denim. Everyone has a preference and as jeans are very ‘fashionable’ pick a pair that your biker will be happy to stroll about town in.
10 - Magazine subscription
The gift that lasts all year! A subscription to one of his/her favourite motorcycle magazines will make them smile every month, then get another subscription the following year.
11 - Bike Cleaning Kit
An array of sponges, brushes lotions and potions to help clean their pride and joy of course.
12 - Guardian Bell
I have a special place in my heart (and on my bike) for one of these. Scroll down my blog to see why I love them so much but a Guardian Bell is a lovely little gift to say your are thinking of them.
13 - DVD and/or book
It’s raining, its icy, it’s snowing, bike’s broken, whatever the excuse for not riding there is still something to help put a smile back on your bikers face - Our friend Nick Sanders has a vast array of DVDs from his two wheeled adventures but also some Moto GP highlights or a look at last years TT. You could even journey you own 'Long Way Round'.
14 - Pillion Pal
A handy belt which, when fastened around the rider, reveals a pair of grab handles on either side of the wearers waist. Also known as ‘love handles’ these are great for use on the bike as some people have suggested another place in the home to use them too!
15 - Weekend away (on the bike)
Okay it is bike related. You may use the bike to ride to your chosen holiday OR you may have routes galore emerging from your accommodation to keep you busy in the saddle throughout your short break.
16 - Mach Tickets
If you love bikes, live music, organised routes, great food camping, meeting new biker mates and hanging out with Nick Sanders then a couple tickets to the MACH Motorcycle festival is a must! Held the last weekend of May 2018 you will have plenty of time to get your tent aired and pack your bike.
17 - Sat Nav
Fed up of getting lost, want to take phone calls as you ride or need a little extra bling - A bike sat-nav is a great bit of kit and there are plenty of choices out there. Garmin, Tom-Tom or you could even get a kit which will help you attach your existing smart phone to the bars and away you go!
18 - Tattoo
Why not? You inly live once! It doesn’t have to be bike related but will certainly help with your bad-boy/girl image!
19 - Ear Plugs
Up there with other safety equipment and so very often over-looked when getting kitted up. These little suckers will save your hearing, reduce fatigue and can help with noisy neighbours too! Buy as a pair or buy in bulk. Super stocking filler!
20 - Or tell him/her you really care with a space on one of our amazing 2018 tours!
Well, we would be doing ourselves an injustice if we didn’t mention our tours, so have a look at our 2018 tours and give us a shout if you’d like to know more. We can guarantee it will be a Christmas present you will never forget.

I hope that's provided a little food for thought...

Merry Christmas!

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