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Speeding in Europe? I hope you like Spaghetti...

Speeding in Europe? I hope you like Spaghetti...
Speeding Fines in Europe

Now, however you view speeding, the law is the law so you (and I) cannot complain when we are ‘caught’ speeding in Europe or the UK.

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall police, Alison Hernandez recently tweeted her speeding ticket with a full and frank ‘I should know better’. Well done her for going public especially when Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was jailed for trying to avoid her speeding ticket. It’s called ‘integrity’ Fiona.

I read numerous posts about riders scratching their heads about whether they should or shouldn’t pay up and in my honest opinion ignoring any fine is fraught with danger. Regardless of what happens with the UK and Europe you can guarantee that there WILL be some form of cooperation between UK and Europe when it comes to Law & Order.

In my opinion pay up. It may bite you in the ass if you don’t.

We all know the rules as frustrating as they may be. I do have sympathy for casual oversights and minor lapses especially after, in my own experience, I look at my sat-nav for reassurance and I find the speed limit has changed when there weren’t any apparent roadsigns to tell me otherwise. Indeed speed signs in some parts of Europe will leave you guessing, at least in the UK we do have clear signs and a good appeal process.

But I think it’s worth considering the following, some countries are simply fed up with bikes treating their glorious roads like a race track. I’ve seen the ‘knee down’ gang first hand and if they were safe - great. But 8 times out of 10, they are riding well above their ability.

So remember this, while you moan about being chased by paperwork have a look at the website below - You could actually face jail time with many countries imposing a sentence for being caught doubling the limit. As Mr Bridger said in the Italian Job, "I hope they like Spaghetti, they serve it twice a day in Italian prisons"

A very good website for a Sunday read is speedingeurope.com and may serve to sober up opinion. Speeding is taken seriously, if you don’t want the hassle - slow up and enjoy the view instead. It’s quite liberating.
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Monday, 03 August 2020

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