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Passports & Products to test

Passports & Products to test
Ok so we are not testing passports but we are looking to test the water with 'Brexit' (There I said it!) and see how this is going to change the way we ride in Europe over the next few weeks, months and years.

to start with I felt the need to look our UK passports. As things stand (post Brexit) this only stipulation is that you are going to need AT LEAST 6 MONTHS validity remaining on your passport when travelling to EU countries. That is the current position. This is what we advise for our tours anyway, especially when we are visiting Switzerland.

I am waiting for news/updates on the European Health Card - but the latest buzz is that your Health Card will be valid after Brexit for some considerable time (well in to 2020). If this changes or we are given a date for when we need to make 'other arrangements' I will update you lovely people asap.

Away from the dreaded Brexit Bull...

We had this arrive at the office this week. Rare Bird London sent us one of their winter facemasks which helps provide warmth and filter out the nasties when riding. We will be given this thorough attention over the next few weeks and let you know how it delivers.

Rare Bird was born in 2017 when founder, Kondrad decided to create a stylish and comfortable alternative to the current solution marks on the market influenced heavily by his daily London commute. Rare Bird London masks not only reduce the risk of air pollution but also protect the rider from other nasties such as wind and rain.

With a range of fabrics to suit winter and summer riding we think this will be a hit.

The initial feel of the product is first class and quality of construction outstanding, appearing both durable and stylish - 2 qualities which some manufacturers find hard to strike an appropriate balance with.

We will report back on the 'Rare Bird London' in due course.

In the meantime you can find them here https://rarebirdlondon.co.uk

John Wilton
Moto Ventura
Speeding in Europe? I hope you like Spaghetti...
2019 - Baffled by Brexit? Then get away from it!


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Saturday, 04 July 2020

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