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National Motorcycle Show at the NEC

Having been to the NEC bike show for a few years now it is good to see some of the same old faces and some new ones. Was certainly impressed by the size of the BMW stand (Ok I am biased!) and generally I thought the show felt bigger than previous years.

We met some really nice people at the show and saw some great new products but I have to single out my two 'dream garage' bikes - Well everyone has a dream garage don't they? Once again, like last year, I spent a long time drooling over the Indian Scout, this little machine absolutely rocks my world!! Would love to have a go - think I may need to book a test ride. Closely followed by the R-nine-T Scrambler. My better half thought it looked straight out the 'Great Escape'. It really did have that Steve McQueen feel. Another one to throw a leg over when I get change - both are hovering around the £10k mark. Tough choices!

The only tough decision with the Indian would be Red or Black? Hmmmm I think Red would win.

I am always impressed with the Union Flag Blazer that Nick Sanders sports, certainly suits him Sir! Can remember Nick having just a small table piled high with DVD's a few years back, not a dodgy blazer in sight!

Saw some amazing offerings in the touring world from all the big makes - I still think BMW have set the standard but Triumph are certainly upping their game. The FJR from Yamaha looked no different from other years - but if it ain't broke it don't need fixing! It is still a fantastic tourer.

Finally just something I felt I had to share - After a drool over the GTR I got this little gem from KAWASAKI!!! I wonder if someone has said too much!? I have always been a massive fan of the ZRX. Having had a couple of them. I always pester the staff to ask why this bike is still sold in Japan but no longer available to the UK/Euro/US market. The answer is something to do with Horses and Brakes!? Seriously - the Japanese version only knocks out about 90 horses apparently. Not enough for the UK market. I can never get my head around that as I don't see the difference in manufacturing the ZRX for the west along with the other bikes they build but hey!

The Kwaker rep informed me that Europe could possibly see a ZRX in the next 2 years! OMG! This would make a lot of people very happy - Just pray they don't ruin it.
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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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