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Highway Code 'Rights (or wrongs!) of Way' image.

Highway Code 'Rights (or wrongs!) of Way' image.
This image is currently doing the rounds on social media inviting comments about which driver has right of way.

If you do sit and ponder who has priority over who then enjoy, it's a bit of fun but as a biker I want to look at it slightly differently.

What immediately strikes me when scanning the 'comments' (not the image) is the number of people who get the answer so catastrophically wrong!
While this attracts a certain amount of 'flak' from others it worries me more that, if genuine, these people potentially hold a driving licence.

So, as a biker we see this situation developing in the distance. What are your thoughts?

Simple - exercise caution!
Whichever direction you approach from, and whichever direction you intend to leave, treat EVERY VEHICLE as a potential hazard and a threat. Keep your eyes and your ears open. Don't assume someone has seen you, don't assume they will react according to the Highway Code (HC) or common sense.

Be mindful of those trying to be helpful with headlight flash. Are they flashing you or a.n.other? Are they flashing to give you an open door (against the HC but people do it a lot!) or are they flashing as per HC to say 'I AM HERE!' And remember, if you are going to sound you horn, do it like you mean it! Clear concise blast, not just a quick toot.

It doesn't matter one bit if you are right and the others are wrong when you are the one getting broadsided by someone who can't answer a basic HC quiz on Facebook.
Keep your wits about you. Treat everyone as a threat, then move on!

Enjoy the image, but enjoy the comments more!

John Wilton
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Monday, 03 August 2020

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