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‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’ a short tale of Insurance!

‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’ a short tale of Insurance!
While I could have picked a number of gorgeous photos to sum up our Adriatic tour in June I opted for this one, the old bridge at Mostar!

Sat here sipping coffee and eating lunch (Yes this was the view from my restaurant table) I couldn't help think how being sat in this spot 25 years ago would've been suicide and while we were reminded constantly of the war from 92-95 I want to briefly mention something else.


All but one of our group needed to purchase insurance at the border of ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’, something which is common place when leaving the EU so please check which countries you are covered to ride in. 20€ at the border (after asking where we had to go to buy it) and we were covered for up to 2 weeks. It would've been easy to ride on through and the chances of actually being stopped and asked to produce it, well who knows?

Shortly after taking this photo and while riding back to the coast, one of our group was knocked off their motorcycle by a vehicle which pulled out of a junction having not seen him. The damage to the bike was mostly cosmetic, mirrors smashed, instrument panel bent, brake lever snapped and pannier fixings broken but overall not too bad. The engine was intact and running.

The ambulance was there within 4 minutes and the police even sooner (well we were outside the police station I suppose) and photographs were taken and the paperwork started. Our rider escaped with bruising and a dented pride, and while the police were brilliant, allowing us time to sort admin in their office and make the necessary phone calls I couldn't help but think how lucky we were not to think 'Do I really really need insurance?' Well the short answer is yes you do! Not for the admin or hassle of being fined but for the simple reason you may need it!

Accidents are by their very nature, unexpected and you do not know when the proverbial will hit the fan, so stop concentrating efforts on avoiding it (yes I do read about it on social media how "you don't really need it!", "I didn't get stopped" and "no one asked for it" etc and stump up the wedge! Its twenty euros instead of a few thousand if it goes wrong!

A brief round up of our trip will follow on the next blog!
Bye Bye RT - You've been amazing!
"Delight in the Ultimate Devon Stop-over"


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Monday, 03 August 2020

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