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June 3rd to June 17th 2016.
9-Länder is the tour which inspired Moto Ventura Tours. We head to Luxembourg City, via the Channel Tunnel, head south on the B500 through the amazing Black Forest and into Lichtenstein via the staggeringly beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle (Child Catchers scene - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and then into Switzerland before experiencing the breathtaking Stelvio Pass in Italy where we stop for a nice cuppa tea and bite to eat at the top of the world! Continuing on over the Grossglockner Pass and into Austria to drop in to Hitler’s Eagles Nest and what remains of the Berghoff. We then head North into Germany and to Colditz Castle for a guided tour. After this it’s back towards Blighty via the Mohne Dam of Dambusters fame, and the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer before a final stop in Bruges. In this tour we pass through France, Luxembourg, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium hence when planning our little jaunt through Europe all those years ago we named this the ‘9-Länder’, German for ‘9-Countries’. Simple but effective.

We should rename this the 'Bucket List' Tour incorporating The Stelvio Pass, Davos, Großglockner, the Black Forest, Coldtiz Castle, Dambusters (Mohnesee), Hitler's Eagles Nest and so much more! Watch out for singing nuns in Salzberg! This tour is breathtaking.

3rd June - Day 1 – UK to Luxembourg City. Our longest day of the trip, we get it over with early. Approximately 250 miles to Luxembourg City so we can make a decent head start into Europe. Luxembourg’s Capital is a wonderful cultural experience with some great restaurants. A great location to learn more about your fellow riders on day one. 
4th June - Day 2 – Luxembourg City to Baden-Baden. Heading east for around 160 miles we enter the beautiful Black Forest and Baden-Baden. Famous as a Spa town Baden-Baden is enchanting and breathtaking.
5th June - Day 3 – Baden-Baden to Meersburg on the Northern egde of Lake Konstanz. We follow the legendary B500 south through the Black Forest. A Bucket List road for any biker. Amazing roads in a perfect setting. A perfect blend of Stunning Black Forest then Beautiful Lakeside roads and views over dinner.
6th June - Day 4 – Meersburg to Vaduz, capital city of Liechtenstein via Neuschwanstein Castle. About 180 miles in total broken into two halves with a few hours to take in the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle half way. The Castle, rumoured to be the inspiration for the Disney Castle was the home of King Ludwig but more famously known for it's role in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
7th June - Day 5 - Vaduz to Bormio via the stunning roads of Davos. 100 miles and a taster of what’s around the corner.
8th June - Day 6 – Stelvio Pass and St Leanardo Pass transits - One word - Wow!
9th June - Day 7 – Another biker bucket list ride over the famous Großglockner Pass staying overnight at the very peak of Großglockner, Heiligenblut!
10th June - Day 8 – Salzburg (via Eagles Nest) 110 miles further into beautiful Austria and a change to visit Hitlers Mountain retreat, The Eagles Nest. Once down from the staggering mountain top structure we take a sneaky peak at the ruins of the Berghof which lay nearby behind trees planted in an effort to hide the grim past of Hitler’s fortified holiday retreat. We end this day in Salzburg. "Oh the hills are alive..."
11th June - Day 9 – Salzburg to Reichenschwand via Braunau Am Inn. 188 miles approx.
12th June - Day 10 – Reichenswand to Grimma. 150 miles.
13th June - Day 11 –  Day off and Colditz Castle Tour. This pretty town has been placed well and truly on the map for it’s stunning castle. A hunting lodge and a mental hospital, Colditz Castle takes it’s most well known place in the history books as the looming Oflag IV-C, a POW prison for the most hardened allied prisoners. We have used this day as chance to take in the castle and glorious town at a relaxing pace. The 'extended' guided tour is a real highlight and is included in the tour price. Lots of steps up to the loft where the famous Colditz Glider was constructed right under the guards noses.
14th June - Day 12 - Grimma to Kassel. 172 miles. A peaceful setting for this stopover while we head west.
15th June - Day 13 – Kassel to Moers (via the Mohne Dam). Approx 154 miles. The chance to visit another location of World War 2 history, the Mohne Dam is a natural stop of point for us on this day and after taking a stroll across the top of this iconic dam we can grab some lunch over looking what is now a peaceful and picturesque setting overlooking dam then onwards to the beautiful town of Moers.
16th June - Day 14 – Moers to Bruges. Approx 173 miles. Yes we are ‘in Bruges’ and if you have seen the movie of the same name, then the tower is a ‘must do’. This charming location is a perfect setting for our final night before heading back to the Blighty
17th June - Day 15 - Brugge to the eurotunnel and back to the UK. Approx 70 miles. 

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